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Dots, Lines and Curves

July 11 – September 19, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 11, 6-8PM

Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to present Mark-Making: Dots, Lines and Curves, a group exhibition.

This exhibition brings together works that are concerned with the act of mark-making, including drawing, sculpture, video, cut paper, and painted wood. The show considers the primacy of how the pen or pencil hit the page, how the artists have controlled and exploited the possibilities of their mark, and how a line or curve can
occupy a space.

Noriko Ambe’s piece entitled “Cracking” is a topographical, three-dimensional drawing made by hand-cutting paper or, as the artist describes it, using “linear action”. The
inclusion of Ambe previews her solo exhibition at the gallery this fall. Also included are new works on paper by Tara Donovan in which the artist has coated tempered glass with
ink and shattered it, then pressed the ink onto the paper.  This process captures the raw, aggressive energy of the material itself. Dan Fischer takes his subject matter from art
history, using “Xerox Realism” – drawing from photocopies of photographs. His laborious process of working in a grid and meticulously copying the copy of the photographs is a
conceptual tribute to the image itself. In Fred Sandback’s spare wall installation of yarn, line is utilized in several ways - the physical presence, color and materiality of the line, the shadow the line casts upon the wall, and the line in relation to the space it inhabits.

Two of the artists included in the show simultaneously have sculpture on view on The University of Texas campus – a site-specific installation in the atrium of the Jack S. Blanton Museum by Teresita Fernández and a large-scale sculpture by Tony Smith outside the Fine Arts building. We will be showing drawings by each artist.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Noriko Ambe, Benjamin Butler, Graham Dolphin, Tara Donovan, Teresita Fernández, Dan Fischer, Ceal Floyer, Ewan Gibbs, Joseph Grigely,
Mitzi Pederson, Ed Ruscha, Cordy Ryman, Fred Sandback, Kate Shepherd, Tony Smith, Robert Therrien, Jim Torok, Terry Winters, and Daniel Zeller.