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Bradney Evans: Still

October 28 – December 2, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 28, 2011 6-8 pm

Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to present in our Project Room recent works on paper and a video by Los Angeles based artist Bradney Evans.

The three works on paper, titled Eclipse, Constellation and Sunset, each appear to simply be layered pieces of torn packing paper arranged to form rudimentary constructions that represent the cosmic events of their titles. The source of light particular to each event appears to emanate from behind the paper through small rips or imperfect intersections. Upon closer inspection, the drawings are, in fact, delicately and masterfully executed trompe-l'oeil renderings. Through these works and their labor-intensive constructions, the artist meditates on notions of enchantment, the deceptive nature of perception, and the threshold between knowledge and desire. Evans' handling of such a grandiose subject matter as the cosmos, by means of the humble material of torn paper accentuates the proposal put forth- that revelations can be found in unexpected moments or have unlikely origins. Also included in this exhibition is the video Exposure, which further expands on these themes.

Bradney Evans was born in Monroe, Louisiana. He received his MFA from CalArts in 2006 and has been included in several group exhibitions in Southern California.